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April 8, 2010 is TOMS Shoes‘ One Day Without Shoes.

if you don’t know, TOMS Shoes sells some pretty sweet footwear, but what’s even better is that with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. cool right?

if you’re a little skeptical, don’t be. i had the incredibly opportunity to intern at TOMS shoes last summer and saw a company that does what it says it does. and does it passionately.

One of the things that TOMS Shoes does is work hand-in-hand with it’s non-profit partner (that’s the easiest way to explain it), Friends of TOMS.  FOT gives shoes in other countries to provide shoes to children who’ve never had a pair and also work to prevent and treat podoconiosis, which is a debilitating disease that causes extreme swelling, repeated ulcers and deformity in the feet and legs.  People get podo by walking barefoot in silica-heavy volcanic soil, a common practice in rural farming regions of developing countries.  Especially in Ethiopia, this disease effects many people to the point where they cannot walk or do life the way we do.  ODWS is a way to spread awareness for the need for shoes in the world.

That being said, this Thursday is One Day Without Shoes. if you check out the TOMS ODWS website, there are events you can attend in your area, or you can even host an event.  But do it.  Here are some vids that show what TOMS is doing this Thursday, and who is joining them. it’s pretty cool 🙂

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** Update on the Chi Alpha page!  Check out Karen’s thoughts about her shoeless day 🙂


It has been a pretty great experience after One Day Without Shoes.  Just seeing how many people all over the nation that were willing to go barefoot was pretty awesome!

Now that the day has come and gone, and the next day without shoes is a year away, I figured that people going barefoot would end on the 16th.  But i’ve come to find that even after the 16th, people have contacted me or talked to me about TOMS and the barefoot awareness day.  It just goes to show that people are actually interested in what TOMS does, not just a one day push sort of thing.  

One of the biggest conversation intros is my TOMS.  they’re a fun bright blue and white striped pattern, so people will often ask me where I got them and what kind of shoes they are.  Easy in!  People love the way the shoes look and love the One for One campaign.

So, the official One Day Without Shoes has passed, but it is clear that the concept goes beyond just one day out of the year!

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It’s kind of funny.  People keep mentioning to me how cool One Day Without Shoes is and apologizing for not being able to go barefoot on Thursday.  I’ve just started telling people that it doesn’t matter what day it is.  Kids are going without shoes every day all over the world!  Even though April 16th is the official One Day Without Shoes, there is nothing stopping you from experiencing what those children experience on another day.  In fact, I think it’s kind of the point.  we shouldn’t be trying to get people to go barefoot for one day and then stop.  The point is to get people to understand the problem, even recognize that there is a problem!  And then from their experience, be willing to do what they can to be the solution.  If you want to go barefoot tomorrow, that’s awesome 🙂  The challenge doesn’t begin and end on April 16th.  It’s something we should be thinking about always.

That being said… I am in the process of trying to pick some of my favorite images from One Day Without Shoes 🙂 Maybe one per location???? yessssssssss. coming soon!

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New Posts! – check out the tabs on the top of the site and see what people were up to on April 16th  and how they were spreading the word for TOMS!

Atlanta – two sub pages so make sure to check those out 🙂

Megan’s Story – reflection on time spent with children who are barefoot every day.

Jenna’s Thoughts – a teacher’s reflection on One Day Without Shoes (a Minneapolis subpage)

University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign – photos from their barefoot walk are up!

Still waiting for some photos to come in 🙂 So keep checking! Thanks for making One Day Without Shoes a great success 🙂 

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I am so excited to see photos and hear stories of the One Day Without Shoes events! WOOHOO!

I am also exhausted.  It is 2AM and i just finished soaking my feet.  I now realize more than ever how amazing shoes are and how much better my feet feel in them.

It was just a day.  And i can’t imagine living and walking in my bare feet.

I have more photos and stories to upload in the morning, BUT for now, i am going to sleep!

One Day Without Shoes is over.  But the work is never done 🙂

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… it is officially

ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES.  will you take the challenge and go without shoes today?

One Day Without Shoes


One Day Without Shoes


One Day

A Story from Ghana…

I was sharing with a friend from school today about TOMS Shoes and the One Day Without Shoes campaign.  He was pretty excited about the whole idea.  Then he went on to share his experience in Ghana this past year.

He shared that the kids in Ghana ran around barefoot.  He was shocked to see them playing soccer (and REALLY… playing soccer) on gravel in their barefoot.  They were sliding and digging and running… all without shoes on.  It amazed him that this was just a part of their life.  They’d never experienced shoes and being barefoot was the norm. 

He was just amazed at how different his life was from theirs.  Even with issues such as food, they were not used to eating meat.  They are just so poor there that they choose to spend their money on certain things, and shoes is just not a necessity to them.

How blessed we are to live in a place where we have shoes, clothing, roofs over our heads, and opportunities for education (not that ALL Americans experience this… but generally).  And yet we are unhappy and unfulfilled.  And in Ghana, these kids have nothing.  And they learn to find joy in the little things.

It’s just eye opening.  TOMS opens the door for anyone to give a pair of shoes to a child who may never have shoes otherwise. In a way, it is realizing our differences and wanting to make a change.

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Really, i don’t judge my friend for having this many shoes (even if these aren’t all of them!).  I probably have a good number of shoes that may rival the amount that she has.  It’s crazy how many pairs of shoes one person can own.  When I really think about it, I don’t even wear 1/3 of them!  I have a few favorites, and then the necessary ones like black pumps and boots… not to mention all of the flip flops that i own.  I’ll be honest and say that it is ridiculous.

I am just one person.  Who has over 25 pairs of shoes.  for MYSELF! 

One Day Without Shoes is something that makes me really think about the stuff I own.  Shoes included.  But just look at your closet and look at your shoes.  And then think about how blessed you are.  Begin thinking about the difference you could make in someone else’s life with just one pair of shoes.

One Day Without Shoes.  Let the awareness begin.

Here is the TOMS AT&T commercial. It’s genuine and real. It’s a brief glimpse into the work that TOMS is doing. When you watch this, you can’t help but see how much a pair of shoes can impact a child. Amazing.



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