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New Posts! – check out the tabs on the top of the site and see what people were up to on April 16th  and how they were spreading the word for TOMS!

Atlanta – two sub pages so make sure to check those out 🙂

Megan’s Story – reflection on time spent with children who are barefoot every day.

Jenna’s Thoughts – a teacher’s reflection on One Day Without Shoes (a Minneapolis subpage)

University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign – photos from their barefoot walk are up!

Still waiting for some photos to come in 🙂 So keep checking! Thanks for making One Day Without Shoes a great success 🙂 

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I am so excited to see photos and hear stories of the One Day Without Shoes events! WOOHOO!

I am also exhausted.  It is 2AM and i just finished soaking my feet.  I now realize more than ever how amazing shoes are and how much better my feet feel in them.

It was just a day.  And i can’t imagine living and walking in my bare feet.

I have more photos and stories to upload in the morning, BUT for now, i am going to sleep!

One Day Without Shoes is over.  But the work is never done 🙂

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Really, i don’t judge my friend for having this many shoes (even if these aren’t all of them!).  I probably have a good number of shoes that may rival the amount that she has.  It’s crazy how many pairs of shoes one person can own.  When I really think about it, I don’t even wear 1/3 of them!  I have a few favorites, and then the necessary ones like black pumps and boots… not to mention all of the flip flops that i own.  I’ll be honest and say that it is ridiculous.

I am just one person.  Who has over 25 pairs of shoes.  for MYSELF! 

One Day Without Shoes is something that makes me really think about the stuff I own.  Shoes included.  But just look at your closet and look at your shoes.  And then think about how blessed you are.  Begin thinking about the difference you could make in someone else’s life with just one pair of shoes.

One Day Without Shoes.  Let the awareness begin.

Here is the TOMS AT&T commercial. It’s genuine and real. It’s a brief glimpse into the work that TOMS is doing. When you watch this, you can’t help but see how much a pair of shoes can impact a child. Amazing.



tracking code: odwssa8S7EE887K 

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