and hurting… My feet do kind of hurt already ūüôā ¬†PLUS awesome i got yelled at by the guy at walmart to put shoes on ūüôā


LOVE IT! ¬†MAKE SOME NOISE! i’m excited to hear about what you are all doing!!!!!!!!!!!!! the more people that hear about the One for One campaign and One Day Without Shoes the better!

Barefoot Walk – U of MN Coffman Union @ 6p.m. wear BLUE.

also, if you want to see where there is a One Day Without Shoes event near you, click HERE


i feel compelled to add: please don’t do anything stupid. ¬†I will NOT be held liable for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of your eager excitement ūüôā ¬†we’re all adults. use your brains before walking barefoot onto glass!

… it is officially

ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES.  will you take the challenge and go without shoes today?

One Day Without Shoes


One Day Without Shoes


One Day

A Story from Ghana…

I was sharing with a friend from school today about TOMS Shoes and the One Day Without Shoes campaign.  He was pretty excited about the whole idea.  Then he went on to share his experience in Ghana this past year.

He shared that the kids in Ghana ran around barefoot. ¬†He was shocked to see them playing soccer (and REALLY… playing soccer) on gravel in their barefoot. ¬†They were sliding and digging and running… all without shoes on. ¬†It amazed him that this was just a part of their life. ¬†They’d never experienced shoes and being barefoot was the norm.¬†

He was just amazed at how different his life was from theirs.  Even with issues such as food, they were not used to eating meat.  They are just so poor there that they choose to spend their money on certain things, and shoes is just not a necessity to them.

How blessed we are to live in a place where we have shoes, clothing, roofs over our heads, and opportunities for education (not that ALL Americans experience this… but generally). ¬†And yet we are unhappy and unfulfilled. ¬†And in Ghana, these kids have nothing. ¬†And they learn to find joy in the little things.

It’s just eye opening. ¬†TOMS opens the door for anyone to give a pair of shoes to a child who may never have shoes otherwise. In a way, it is realizing our differences and wanting to make a change.



Really, i don’t judge my friend for having this many shoes (even if these aren’t all of them!). ¬†I probably have a good number of shoes that may rival the amount that she has. ¬†It’s crazy how many pairs of shoes one person can own. ¬†When I really think about it, I don’t even wear 1/3 of them! ¬†I have a few favorites, and then the necessary ones like black pumps and boots… not to mention all of the flip flops that i own. ¬†I’ll be honest and say that it is ridiculous.

I am just one person.  Who has over 25 pairs of shoes.  for MYSELF! 

One Day Without Shoes is something that makes me really think about the stuff I own. ¬†Shoes included. ¬†But just look at your closet and look at your shoes. ¬†And then think about how blessed you are. ¬†Begin thinking about the difference you could make in someone else’s life with just one pair of shoes.

One Day Without Shoes.  Let the awareness begin.

Here is the TOMS AT&T commercial. It’s genuine and real. It’s a brief glimpse into the work that TOMS is doing. When you watch this, you can’t help but see how much a pair of shoes can impact a child. Amazing.



tracking code: odwssa8S7EE887K 


Crazy. ¬†Can you even imagine walking everywhere? ¬†I can’t. ¬†I live in Minnesota. ¬†Half of the year it is winter and the other half of the year it’s construction! ¬†It’d be pretty killer to walk around bare footed all the time.

How long do you think you would last in bare feet?

I was thinking about the significance of shoes. and it’s pretty big. ¬† We take shoes for granted because we have an abundance of shoes. ¬†They are just a part of our everyday lives…. and yet, there are many things that we need shoes for (it shows how important they are!)

  • ¬†health reasons: there’s a reason why those restaurants say “no shoes, no service”…
  • can you imagine if your doctor or dentist was going around barefoot before surgery?? YIKES!!!!!
  • how many of you would lose your job if you walked around barefoot at work?
  • I’m sure that most schools wouldn’t let you attend without wearing something on your feet!

again. just the mere fact that we require shoes in many instances places a certain significance on them. ¬†They are a simple way to protect our bodies from harm and disease, yet we don’t even realize it half the time…

so take time this Thursday (and any other time you feel appropriate also) to experience One Day Without Shoes. ¬†It’ll be eye-opening.

check out TOMS shoes. 
tracking code: odwssa8S7EE887K
(put it in promo code section)



it’s kind of hard to see… but you can see the bare feet in this pic…


As One Day Without Shoes is rapidly approaching, I’ve been talking to lots of people about it and what it’s all about. ¬†In the process of explaining it to my dad, he told me that he didn’t have shoes growing up. ¬†I was like, WHAT? I didn’t realize it at first but then it made sense. ¬†He grew up in Taiwan in the 50’s and 60’s. ¬†His parents immigrated from mainland China (so he is not Taiwanese) when everyone was fleeing from communism. ¬†My grandpa was some sort of army dude.

anyway, I asked my dad to tell me more about what it was like to run around the streets with no shoes. ¬†He said that barely anyone wore shoes. ¬†The children he played with would do everything in their bare feet. ¬†It didn’t matter if it was raining or what, or if they were going to school or to the market, they were in their bare feet. ¬†Shoes were just an extra expense that most families couldn’t spend money on.

As a result, he said that his feet hurt a lot.  It was dangerous because there was sometimes glass on the ground, sharp rocks, or wood splinters on the ground.  Running around in bare feet was just a part of their life, but it still effected him as a child.

It’s just kind of cool. ¬†Even back in 1960 in Taiwan, there were children who didn’t have shoes. ¬†Getting to hear first hand what it was like makes it more real. ¬†Even though it was over 40 years ago, the conditions are still the same: children do not have shoes.


April 16th – One Day Without Shoes

HOW TO guide


Check this out. ¬†TOMS has easy to access materials for you to print off fliers, stickers, and little labels! ¬†It makes it alot easier doesn’t it ūüôā


Just explore the site a little and you’ll find what you’re looking for!
They also have information on Events all over the nation.  So if you want to participate, you can check out the site and find a group to join.


One Day Without Shoes:  Coast to Coast 
April 16th, 2009    

It’s a challenge.  An experience.  See what thousands of people are faced with daily.  
TOMS Shoes is challenging you to go without shoes on April 16th.  
The goal: have people across the nation take the challenge and go shoeless 
for one day.
Sound impractical?  Imagine if you had to do it for your entire childhood.    

A Little About TOMS Shoes…  
Why:  Many children in developing countries do not have shoes.  
How:  Shoe Drops and Shoe Drop Tours  
Results:  TOMS has given over 140,000 shoes to children in Argentina, Ethiopia, 
South Africa, and even in the United States. 

Fast Shoe Facts  
— 4¬†billion¬†people¬†in¬†the¬†world¬†live¬†in¬†conditions¬†inconceivable¬†to¬†many.¬†¬†¬†
— Most¬†children¬†in¬†developing¬†countries¬†grow¬†up¬†barefoot,¬†at¬†risk¬†for¬†foot
disease, infection, and painful sores.  
— In¬†these¬†countries,¬†walking¬†is¬†often¬†the¬†primary¬†mode¬†of¬†transportation.¬†
— They¬†have¬†to¬†walk¬†to¬†get¬†food,¬†water,¬†shelter,¬†and¬†medical¬†help.¬†¬†¬†¬†
— Without¬†shoes,¬†many¬†children¬†do¬†not¬†meet¬†the¬†requirements¬†for¬†an¬†education¬†
and thus lose a critical opportunity for a better life.   
— Providing¬†shoes¬†to¬†children¬†allows¬†them¬†to¬†walk¬†places¬†they¬†may¬†not¬†be¬†
able to reach barefoot.  

What can you do to help?  
Make a difference.  Take the challenge.  Engage with people. Hand out fliers. 
See what  it’s like… Share your experiences with stories and pictures.
Lead a group.  Organize a walk without shoes.  Have them go shoeless for an 
hour or two.  Imagine what a difference a pair of shoes could make.  

Make some noise.  Attract some attention.  Create awareness.  

Email your experiences and stories to:  onedaywithoutshoes@gmail.com  Track the stories from all over at:  https://onedaywithoutshoes.wordpress.com 

Promo Code: odwssa8S7EE887K