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Hey All! Today is One Day Without Shoes. what does that mean?

you go barefoot. experience what many children around the world experience every single day. do it, whether for an hour, an afternoon, or the entire day. spread the word!

Watch TOMS Shoes on the Today Show HERE.

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** Update on the Chi Alpha page! ¬†Check out Karen’s thoughts about her shoeless day ūüôā


It has been a pretty great experience after One Day Without Shoes.  Just seeing how many people all over the nation that were willing to go barefoot was pretty awesome!

Now that the day has come and gone, and the next day without shoes is a year away, I figured that people going barefoot would end on the 16th. ¬†But i’ve come to find that even after the 16th, people have contacted me or talked to me about TOMS and the barefoot awareness day. ¬†It just goes to show that people are actually interested in what TOMS does, not just a one day push sort of thing. ¬†

One of the biggest conversation intros is my TOMS. ¬†they’re a fun bright blue and white striped pattern, so people will often ask me where I got them and what kind of shoes they are. ¬†Easy in! ¬†People love the way the shoes look and love the One for One campaign.

So, the official One Day Without Shoes has passed, but it is clear that the concept goes beyond just one day out of the year!

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